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Mrs Melinda Derichs BA TTHD

Mrs Derichs has been the principal of Welties Pre-School since January 1997
, previously Mrs Derichs taught at WPPS for 7 years and during that time built up a solid reputation. 
Mrs Derichs was also employed as joint Head of Department for the Junior P
Mrs Derichs has many years teaching experience and has received 3 merit awards.
Mrs Derichs has taught in Namibia, Natal and Gauteng and is fully trilingual (German), and is also accredited to conduct Aptitude Testing for School Beginners.


Mrs Merlynne Vickers, Mrs
Kate Viljoen and Miss Holly Lennon have been appointed in the three positions available, and Mrs Derichs is employed in the capacity of a teaching principal, this makes up our team of four teachers.  The teachers were carefully selected for their pre-school teaching skills and experience and when the final selection was made, we chose a team that is well qualified to achieve the aims set out in our mission statement. 
We have
two teacher assistants: Miss Ellen Motshwaedi and Ms Tiny Themba.


Mrs Jean Wild is our administrator.  All our financial and secretarial matters are in her capable hands. 
Mrs Wild is also a qualified first aider, and she takes care of our learners
well being.



We aim to prepare our learners thoroughly for Grade 1, and have them ready for school in all aspects, as we are fully aware of what educational standard is required.  Should any learners have developmental problems we will have the services of an Educational Psychologist and a team of Occupational Therapists employed by WPPS available to help us.  We see this as very important, as it allows for continuation in handling the problem areas if learners move into Grade 1 at WPPS.


To ensure that we achieve the same high standards as WPPS, lesson planning and preparation meetings for the teachers will take place on a weekly basis.  Approaches and techniques will be discussed and the best methods will be applied.  We will ensure that the work program in all the classes is the same and all phases are covered.
 In accordance with our Mission Statement we will follow the GDE guidelines for Pre-Primary Schools.


Theme Activities
Theme discussions

Language Activities

Home Language
First Additional Language – only through music lessons

Singing and Music Activities


Movement Activities

Perceptual Activities

Art Activities

Baking and Making Activities

Learners will be able to experience their shopping (part of the syllabus)
at the
Welties Pre-School Tuck Shop


Additional developmental activities will be offered from Mondays to Fridays.  These will include activities such as Ballet, Karate, Pottery, Catrobatkidz, Rugga Kids, Playball,
NetJets (Netball) and Swimming. 
External teachers with specialized skills will take charge of these activities. 


As it is our aim for our learners to graduate successfully into
'Big School', and become familiar with the school atmosphere, we will maintain close ties with WPPS. Learners will go to the Computer Centre at WPPS once a week for a computer lesson. Learners will also be exposed to Athletics at WPPS.  Our learners will participate in the Inter-House Athletics and the winners will make up the Athletics Team that participate in the circuit althletics competitions during the First Term.  Miss Stones is in charge of the Grade R team.


Mornings Grade 00
07:15   Learners will be received by a teacher
08:00   Start of the school day – No staggering times as at Nursery schools
10:00   Lunch
10:20   Lessons
11:00 – 12:00 Free play outside
11:00 – 12:00 Developmental activities
12:00 12:30 Story Time
End of school day – free play and collection time
Grade R
07:15   Learners will be received by a teacher
08:00   Start of the school day – No staggering times as at Nursery schools
10:00   Lunch
10:20   Lessons
11:00 – 12:00 Free play outside
11:00 – 12:00 Developmental activities
00 13:00 Final lesson activity and story time
13:00   End of school day and collection time

3:00   Lunch
13:00   After Care Teachers on duty
14:00   Free play
15:00   Snack time
15:15   Free play
17:30   End of day – Collection time           
             Parents will be penalized for recurring late collections

In the event of half day learners leaving later than 1
3:30 these learners will have to bring additional lunch, as they will have to wait with the after care learners.  This is however, only in the exceptional cases and not the rule.  After Care fees will be charged for learners overstaying the allocated time without special permission.

Our After Care facilities will extend into the school holidays.  Our building is designed to accommodate the
pre-school learners,  The Grade 1 and Grade 2 After Care learners are accommodated in the building next door.

Although we are neighbours during the afternoons, our
pre-school learners have their own After Care staff on duty, and learners may not join siblings and friends on the next-door playground.


There are 4 classrooms and they are named after the primary colours.  We will accommodate a maximum of 24 learners in each classroom.  There are 2 very safe play areas, the
pre-school outer area and the field next door.  Learners will be under constant supervision.


As blue is our official colour and for practical reasons we have chosen the following:

Summer          A blue T-shirt printed logo R
90-00ea. worn with blue shorts R 90-00ea.
Winter             Weltevreden Park Primary Tracksuit to be purchased from the School
                        or they can be ordered via the school at a cost of R 400-00 each.
In very cold weather, non-regulation anoraks will be allowed.
Shoes             Sandals or tekkies – no high shoes for girls
Caps               Regulation blue caps which are included in the stationery pack, these
                        caps must be brought to school everyday.  Please keep them in the
                        suitcases and do not let the learners wear them early in the mornings!

T-shirts and shorts will only be available from the
WPPS School Shop.


Learners will have to bring their own lunch packed in the regulation lunch box, which is part of the stationery pack.  Our kitchen will only provide food for the after care learners. Learners will be able to order lunches from the WPPS tuck shop.  A price list will be sent out to the parents.  Learners do not order from the office, but from their own class teachers when they have registration time in the morning.  So please keep the money for orders in the money bag provided inside the suitcases.


Learners will receive their stationery on the first day of school, stationery kits are part of the registration fee charged.


To secure a place, a non-refundable deposit of R 2 000-00 is payable on enrolment.

20 Fees increase annually by approximately 10%.

Half Day         07:15 to 1
3:00 (when school finishes) up to 13:30       R 3 000-00 p.m. 
Full Day          07:15 to 17:30                                                            
  R 4 700-00 p.m.


No extra charge for Full Day Learners.
Parents wishing to enrol their children during the holidays, will be charged R 100-00 per day.


Non payment of school fees will result in suspension until arrears are paid up in full.

Fees will be collected over 10 months (January – October) and are payable in advance by the 1st of the month.

One full calendar months notice is to be given in writing if a learner is leaving the school

Additional developmental activities e.g. pottery, ballet, karate etc. will be charged at competitive rates.

For further information please contact:-                                                                
Welties Pre-School
011 675-3404 /
011 675-3835
082 947 5966